1st Gen Cummins Icebox Intercooler/Radiator/Shroud set up

This Radiator is all aluminum bar and plate core material unit, making it incredibly 
strong, and is built as a triple pass, making it a very efficient and well cooling 
radiator as well.

The CAC package is all 3.5" thick core material and includes the cac, trans cooler,
and ac condenser. This package can not be used with any factory coolers other than
the radiator and shroud. The trans cooler and cond are both much larger capacity and
will cool DRASTICALLY better than factory. This charge air cooler is capable of over
100 PSI of boost. There is a few options for the manual trans trucks, we can either
build an extra large condenser, or we can keep the trans cooler to be utilized for
something else such as engine oil cooler or power steering cooler.

There are 2 options for shrouds, either mechanical or an electric fan set up, cost on
the shroud is the same either way as the electric fan shroud does include the dual SPAL fans.

Works with THD 3" Intercooler Piping Kit!!!
1st Gen Cummins Icebox Intercooler/Radiator/Shroud set up
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