The Hungry Diesel - Competition VE Pump!

The Hungry Diesel very own Competion VE pump! This pump has done up to 688hp, fuel only, and can push upward 320cc. Average cc is between 300-310cc. These pumps push more fuel than any other 12mm VE on the market. 

We run these pumps on our personal rigs, and tow with them weekly. Must use our piston lift pump kit, or an Air Dog/Fass setup. Though we have customers that run these pumps with stock and small injectors. These pumps really shine with large injectors and the supporting mods to accomodate the setup. 

6 month warranty, cores received after 30 days only receive 1/2 core credit.

The Hungry Diesel - Competition VE Pump!
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Price $1,800.00
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