Power Package - Level 4 (300hp + Gain) 500+hp ve build

Power package level 4. Increase effiency, towing power, usability, and in some cases fuel economy. Roughly 450hp plus (up to 600hp) to the wheels!

Power increase - 300hp plus (can vary with timing)

Everything included in Level 1 and and level 3 (injectors and turob are upgraded from Level 3) plus :


THD Competition, custom 12mm injection pump (up to 32occ of fuel!)

Injectors - THD Comp 6x16 vco for 91.5-93. THD Comp 5x18 for 89-91.

Turbo - THD Compound 62sxe over an S475  

DPC or Suncoast converter (if auto)

Valair Dual disc clutch (if manual). 

Crazy Carl Intake horn (for i/c models)

Steed speed manifold kit 

ARP Head Stud kit

Hamilton 165# valve springs

Hamilton 188/220 cam

Hamilton extreme duty push rods

Hamilton 1.45" tappets.

Power Package - Level 4 (300hp + Gain)  500+hp ve build
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Price $11,144.00
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