Power Package - Level 3 (250hp to 300hp gain)

Power package level 3. Increase effiency, towing power, usability, and in some cases fuel economy. Roughly 400-450hp to the wheels!

Power increase - 250 to 300hp (can vary with timing, and when your pump runsaway. Some pumps can be turned up more than others)

Everything included in Level 1 plus : 

Injectors - THD Comp 6x13 vco for 91.5-93. THD Comp 370s for 89-91.

Turbo - 62sxe/68/.70 gated Borg 

Diamond eye HX40 downpipe (make note of 2wd or 4wd)

DPC or Suncoast converter (if auto)

Valair Dual disc clutch (if manual). 

THD's 3" intercooler upgrade kit (if 91.5-93), or THD Cross over pipe (89-91)

Steed speed manifold kit 

ARP Head Stud kit

Hamilton 165# valve springs

Power Package - Level 3 (250hp to 300hp gain)
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