Power Package - Level 2 (up to 200hp gain)

Power package level 2. Increase effiency, towing power, usability, and in some cases fuel economy. Roughly 350hp to the wheels!

Power increase - up to 200hp (can vary with timing, and when your pump runsaway. Some pumps can be turned up more than others)

Everything included in Level 1 plus : 

Injectors - 5x12 vco for 91.5-93. 1st gen 370s for 89-91.

Turbo - S300G (57/65/13)

DPC or Suncoast converter (if auto)

Valair 400hp single disc clutch (if manual). 

THD's 3" intercooler upgrade kit (if 91.5-93), or THD Cross over pipe (89-91)

Option for Steed speed manifold kit 

Power Package - Level 2 (up to 200hp gain)
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Price $3,633.00
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