Crazy Carls Tunnel Ram Dual Intake

Another Crazy Carls original product!

For those who want the custom look, a dual plate allows twin intake horns.

Proudly made in the USA from aircraft quality billet aluminum and pressure tested to over 200psi, The Tunnel Ram is able to withstand high boost pressures much better than the stock cast plate. 

This model allows the use of 2 intake horns. This is solely for custom applications and requires the use of a dual horn assembly and possibly other mods to work on your engine. You can also order a custom built, matching dual intake horn at an additional cost.

Please inquire if you are unsure BEFORE ordering this plate. 

Don't suffocate your Cummins any longer, let it breathe with The Tunnel Ram! 

Includes FREE gasket kit !!

Crazy Carls Tunnel Ram Dual Intake
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Price $170.00
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