ISSPRO EV2 Attribute Programming Tool - R82003

The ISSPRO Attribute Programming Software kit enables the user to activate the pre-installed warning light on EV² gauges. Each EV2 gauge has a red LED at the 6 o'clock position on the dial. This lamp can be programmed to illuminate at whatever pressure or temperature the user desires. By using the Attribute Software, you can set the adjustment for the point at which the light illuminates (pressure or temperature, high or low). This software can also be used to program multiple gauges. There is no limit to the number of gauges that can be programmed with it. The software also allows for the programming of the gauges' illumination brightness, sensitivity, and other advanced features. By programming the illumination intensity, you can calibrate the brightness to better match your factory instruments.

• Programming Software CD
• USB to EV2 programming cable
• Instructions

• This software is for ISSPRO's EV2 gauges only. Will not work for any other series of gauges.
• Software is Windows PC compatible only.
• If you have an older version of EV2's that are not equipped with the warning lamps you can send them in to the factory for an upgrade. For more information and pricing please contact ISSPRO at 800-888-8065.

All EV2 gauges with the red warning LEDs
ISSPRO EV2 Attribute Programming Tool - R82003
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